Assemblyman Montesano Statement On Ravitch Budget Plan

March 11, 2010

“On March 10 I participated in a productive and wide-ranging conversation with Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch regarding his recommendations to address New York’s fiscal crisis and its broken budget process,” said Assemblyman Michael A. Montesano (R,I,C-Glen Head). “During the discussion, I joined some of my colleagues in registering disappointment with the runaway government spending that has brought the Empire State to its lowest fiscal point since the Great Depression.

“I will fight to oppose any tax hike on Long Island’s working families and its small businesses. I also will not shift costs to local governments and counties as a way to avoid making the tough decisions now called for in Albany. But the plan presented by Lt. Governor Ravitch represents a good first step, as well as a welcome rejection of some of the most egregious failed budget policies of the past.

“With three weeks remaining until the state budget deadline, New Yorkers deserve solutions, not poisonous partisan bickering. By April 1 our deficit will be over $9 billion; in 2011 it will have climbed to $15 billion. Serious long-term reforms are needed in order to prevent bankruptcy. As families and businesses tighten their belts, so should state government. Accepting new accounting principles and eliminating gimmicks such as cash budgeting would be a productive start. Adjusting our budget calendar, too, will allow the Empire State to plan better and conform our revenue projections to nationally accepted standards.

“I came to the New York State Assembly vowing to cut taxes for Long Islanders and focus on creating jobs. I am still committed to these goals. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the weeks ahead to explore what the lieutenant governor laid out on March 10. Real solutions to New York’s budget time bomb merit serious consideration, wherever they may come from. We owe it to New Yorkers to get to work.”