Assembly Majority Puts Property Tax Cap In Back Seat

April 12, 2011

Assemblyman Michael A. Montesano (R,I,C-Glen Head) was dismayed by the Assembly Majority’s refusal to vote on a property tax cap. Both the governor and senate support the property tax cap. According to a recent Siena poll, taxpayers rated property taxes as their top concern. New Yorkers pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation and the highest combined local taxes, exceeding the national average by 79 percent.

“Nassau County has the second highest median property taxes paid on homes in the nation,” said Montesano. “Families, businesses and homeowners more generally suffer under the weight of these exorbitant taxes. Growth of taxes exceeds the ability of the people to pay. There is a clear and critical need for a property tax cap now.”

The Assembly Majority failed to address a tax cap during budget negotiations, and on Monday night, took up their favorite form of millionaire subsidization, rent control legislation. The Minority then offered an amendment to Speaker Silver’s rent subsidy bill that would force an up-or-down vote on Governor Cuomo’s property tax cap. In the past, Speaker Silver has publicly supported tying the property tax cap to rent control, but refused to hold a vote on the tax cap.

“The Assembly Majority is holding New Yorkers hostage by refusing to vote on the governor’s property tax cap,” said Montesano. “They are clearly favoring their New York City interests over the pressing needs of the rest of the state. This unfortunate pattern has consistently put the needs of Long Islanders off to the side. The concerns of the rest of the state, such as property taxes and mandate relief, must be addressed now. The future of the state does not rest on rent control, it rests on providing relief for property taxpayers that are in a dire situation.”