Montesano: It’s Time To Vote On A Property Tax Cap

May 18, 2011

Assemblyman Michael A. Montesano (R,I,C-Glen Head) today renewed his call for the passage of a property tax cap as public support swells and the governor travels the state to generate support for the measure. Montesano and his colleagues in the Assembly Minority have been steadfast proponents of a property tax cap and in April, attempted to force a vote on the issue by offering a hostile amendment to the Assembly Majority’s rent control legislation. The amendment was shot down by the Majority and a vote was placed on the back burner.

“I am a supporter of the governor’s property tax cap legislation and I also have co-sponsored the New York State Property Tax Cap and Mandate Relief Act,” said Montesano. “The Assembly Majority is holding the tax cap hostage despite the assembly speaker calling it a top priority. Recent statewide polls show that an overwhelming number of New Yorkers support a cap and list it is a top priority to be passed this year. The letters and phone calls I receive from constituents only confirm that the property tax cap is a priority for Nassau County residents. The Assembly Majority needs to allow a vote on the issue immediately.”

The state Senate passed tax cap legislation on January 31. On April 11, the Assembly Minority attempted to force a vote on the cap and all 51 members of the Minority Conference voted in favor of the amendment. The last hurdle that remains is the Assembly Majority.