Montesano: Our Region Is Ready To Be An Economic Engine Again

Long Island Wins $101.6 Million In Development Funds
December 8, 2011

Assemblyman Michael A. Montesano (R,I,C-Glen Head) today congratulated the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) on securing $101.6 million for Long Island. The Long Island REDC worked to develop a strategic plan throughout the summer which was presented to Albany officials in November. As one of only four councils to receive a best-plan award, Assemblyman Montesano noted his excitement.

“It is time we start making Long Island the economic engine for growth in New York State again,” said Montesano. “The quality of life and people on Long Island make this a fertile area for economic development and job growth. We have the ability with this new infusion of over $101 million to implement the larger plan from the REDC and bring long-term, private-sector, community-based employment back to our region.

“While we look forward to this funding and the opportunities that will arise from the expected economic growth, we need to remain focused on the larger picture,” said Montesano. “State leaders must address the root causes forcing businesses to relocate out of state, taking people and jobs with them. Work needs to begin on removing the bureaucratic red tape which holds companies back and trimming down a state government that drives up taxes and chases out hard-working families. It’s time we get back to business in Albany, cut the size of government, and allow these new regional economic development programs to succeed.

“This funding needs to be utilized wisely to facilitate the most growth for each unique area and business structure it will be affecting,” said Montesano. “I am optimistic about the work that will be done to reclaim Long Island as a leader of New York State’s economy.”

As always, constituents with concerns on this or any other state matter are encouraged to reach out to Assemblyman Montesano at his Hicksville office at 516-937-3571 or find him on Facebook.