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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Deputy Speaker Hooper Secures $450,000 in Crucial Education Funds for Area Schools
April 1, 2009

Assembly Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper announced today that the 2009-2010 state budget continues her commitment to provide a solid education for local children despite tough economic times by securing $450,000 in additional aid for three local school districts.

Hooper, a passionate advocate for the children of Nassau County, said “In a time of fiscal crisis, it is crucial that we not lose sight of the critical role education plays in our children’s future. These vital funds will ensure the Hempstead, Roosevelt and Freeport School Districts have the aid they need and guarantees that no school children fall behind. As promised, I am committed to fighting for our schools, our children and our community.”

This vital funding will continue Deputy Speaker Hooper’s staunch advocacy for public education and provide local schools with the resources they need to succeed. The Hempstead, Roosevelt and Freeport School Districts will use these funds to maintain a strong commitment to providing a solid education for local children during the worst economic downturn in decades.

Last year, Hooper won a hard-fought battle to provide the Roosevelt School District with more equitable funding. The Assembly bill A.9504, authored and initiated by Hooper, helped the Roosevelt School District gain a firm financial footing, wiped out the district’s $8 million accumulated deficit and increased a $6 million grant for academic improvements to $12 million. This funding brought the district in line with other school districts in Nassau County and brought per-pupil spending in the district to county average.

Among the $450,000 in funds, each district will receive:

  • Hempstead, $200,000
  • Roosevelt, $150,000
  • Freeport, $100,000

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