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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Funds to Hire Additional CPS Caseworkers for Nassau County
October 22, 2009

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Nassau County Department of social Services has been awarded a grant of $225,000 to support the hiring of additional Child Protective Service (CPS) caseworker positions.

Pursuant to the enacted 2009-2010 State budget, funds were made available in the amount of $1,682 million for the improvement of CPS staff to client ratios.

The funds awarded to Nassau County will help to reduce individual caseloads for CPS caseworkers, allowing for more care and attention to those cases currently under investigation.

This is a very important grant to address a serious problem that affects our most “precious product – our children. I trust that the Nassau County Department of Social Services will use these funds to the maximum of their potential to eradicate child abuse/neglect.

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