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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Open Letter to the Incorporated Village of Freeport
June 25, 2010

I mailed a letter to an interested Freeport resident regarding a process that was being explored by the Mayor, with the verbal-approval of Mayor Hardwick. At that time, he was exploring a Waste-to-Energy plant (Not an Incinerator) as an environmentally friendly, tax-reducing, revenue-raising plan to assist his (my) over-taxed constituents.

Indeed, he produced a DVD which I subsequently released, wherein, he was leaning towards just that plan: reduce taxes, raise revenue, attract businesses, provide clean, cheap energy to the schools, residents and make Freeport the prototype for a “Future Free From Oil.”

However, since mailing the letter and the DVD he produced, the Mayor, unfortunately has to withdraw his fiduciary responsibility to the people of Freeport and deprive them of his visionary leadership because a few “Freeport people”? have been grossly misinformed.

I understand, respect and appreciate the Mayor’s dilemma. I had a similar experience in the Roosevelt community when I wanted to build five (5) new schools at no cost to the taxpayers instead of their misguided notion to “repair the repairs”. It was even more grueling when I insisted on a one-time eight (8) million dollar ($8,000,000.00) grant to satisfy their deficit instead of a thirty-year (30 year) loan to which they were being duped to accept.

Today, the Roosevelt School District has no deficit and there is no loan facing the next generation. The community is proud of their new, state-of-the-art schools - for which they did not have to pay – which are beautiful, clean, modern, environmentally safe for all who encounter their borders - students, staff, administrators, parents, visitors.

I do not regret, one moment, my persistence, the pain and perseverance I had to endure to achieve the Roosevelt plan despite their rejections of my efforts. The results are there for all to see.

There was, and has never been any state or local funds utilized by Village personnel or the Mayor to engage in foreign travel.

The State grant is for the sole purpose for the Village of Freeport to develop an informational video for the education of the Freeport Community regarding Waste to Energy. Whomever, proliferated this grossly, illegal rumor will, when identified be brought to the attention of the legal system and subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

The Mayor, must, under State regulations produce and provide this State-funded video and present it for verification to the appropriate State agencies and the legislature.

Sadly, Freeport has rejected the following:

“A Future Free From Oil”

  1. There was/never has been a plan to build an incinerator. No incinerator has been built in the USA in over forty (40) years;

    1. the type of plant the Mayor was exploring currently exists in Paris on the Seine River in view of the Eiffel Tower (a tourist haven);
    2. the DVD shows the ultra-clean, steam-emission, no-smoke stack plant in the Netherlands (a country of canals);
    3. a plant cleaner than the waste generator located in Garden City near an up-scale, newly-built, private senior condo-complex, newly-developed, mid-to-upper income (some moderately) rental-complex near the bucolic Eisenhower Park and Nassau County’s premier shopping center, Roosevelt Field;
    4. the Garden City plant emits smoke, not steam (clean water).
  2. Tax – Reducer/Revenue Raiser: Up to (Three Million Dollars) $3,000,000.00 or More Per Year;

    1. The Town of Hempstead Receives a host fee of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) per month from the Garden City plant.
    2. The Town receives up to twelve dollars fifty cents ($12.50) per ton for the million-plus tons of garbage it processes from New York City, other villages and municipalities and businesses. This translates to approximately three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) per year.
    3. The Town PAYS sixty-two dollars fifty cents ($62.50) per ton to have its waste processed. It CHARGES other villages and municipalities ninety dollars ($90.00) per ton to have their waste processed;
    4. Town garbage trucks are serviced “first” while other non-town trucks must wait in line incurring over time and discharging fumes while their engines idle as they wait in line;
    5. The Village has not had a need to raise taxes in years!!! Now you know why.

Landfills Will Eventually Fill Up (Merrick) As We Continue To Produce Waste.

(a) Oil/gas will become more expensive as we observe our earth (the only earth we have) being destroyed due to spills, callous disregard for the natural flora and fauna. Oil producing nations have reduced us to victims of their natural resource as they continue to hate Americans with an intensity to destroy us and “our way of life”;

(b) Families and businesses will vacate our area as taxes increase, services decrease and it becomes unaffordable to live here.

As the nation sits transfixed to the miasma sources of media coverage, it is difficult not to empathize with the grief and heart-break of families who lost loved-ones because a multi-billion dollar company was trying to “save” a ‘few’ dollars”.

Business owners stand by helplessly as they watch their assets gushed away by the spewing of millions of gallons of oil. Birds, turtles, marshlands are destroyed, clogged with a slimy, slick, sticky gooey blob of tar-balls.

I could go on ad infinitum. Nevertheless, I shall continue my pursuit to bring alternative, clean, sustainable, affordable, tax-reducing, revenue-raising energy, if not to Freeport, then to some other municipality that will be delighted to host and enjoy the afore-mentioned benefits and avoid the catastrophic results of relying on fossil fuel.

I appreciate your intelligent, open-minded approach to this issue and look forward to sharing information with you (at your request) as I proceed.

Again, thank you for your input. Review the DVD at will, share it as you deem appropriate and remember:

Landfills, fill up


Garbage can be Gold.

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