Hevesi Urges Residents to Clear Snow Surrounding Fire Hydrants

FDNY asks elected officials to remind residents to clear snow blocked fire hydrants
February 7, 2011

The mounting snow on neighborhood streets in Queens creates a fire safety concern. While many of the fire hydrants on main streets have been cleared of snow, home owners on side streets have neglected to dig out hydrants. The FDNY is concerned about the conditions this creates for fire response. While it may only take the fire department moments to clear the hydrants on a call, that is all the time a fire needs to spread.

Assemblyman Hevesi’s office was contacted with a message from the Office of Emergency Management and the Fire Department of New York which warned that snow covered fire hydrants are a potentially dangerous condition that may impede fire fighting operations. The FDNY is asking property owners to assist in this urgent need to clear snow from fire hydrants in front of or adjacent to their property.

“I ask that those who are willing and able to clear fire hydrants on your block,” Assemblyman Hevesi said. “For the safety of not only their own homes, but their neighborhoods as well, it is critical that residents take a moment the clear snow surrounding street front fire hydrants.”