Con Ed Repairs Planned for Scarsdale and New Rochelle Neighborhoods

October 24, 2011

Constituent concerns about the increasing number of electrical power outages they have endured over the past several months prompted Assemblywoman Paulin to ask Con Ed to find a permanent solution.

Con Ed agreed that the number of power outages had exceeded the acceptable level, and that the outages were due to aging equipment. As a result, Con Ed will invest $200,000 to replace ten poles and 13 spans of wiring that will effect the following streets in Scarsdale: Barry Rd., Beechwood Lane, Brookline Rd., Drake Rd., Dunham Rd., Eastwoods Lane, Edgewood Rd., Forest Lane, Hamilton Rd., Jefferson Rd., Madison Rd., Nelson Rd., Pinecrest Rd., Richelieu Rd., Rodney Rd., Roosevelt Place, Southwoods Lane, Tunstall Rd., and Woods Lane and the following streets in New Rochelle: Baraud Rd., Candlewood Rd., Sage Circle, Sturbridge Place, Teweksbury Rd., and Williamsburg Close.

The Director of Westchester Public Affairs for Con Ed, Sandy Miller, estimated that the job would be completed by the end of this year. The construction design is underway and work should begin within the month.

“Losing power due to a fallen tree or high winds during a storm is understandable, but frequent, unexplained outages are not. I am very pleased that Con Ed has taken a pro-active stand to address these power outages by investing in new equipment,” stated Amy Paulin, “I will continue to work with Con Ed until the project is complete.”

“So many of us on Barry Road were annoyed and frustrated by several recent power outages within a short period of time. We are grateful to Amy Paulin and her staff for the quick response to our concerns. Her office communicated with us in a timely manner regarding the source of the problem and future plans to remedy the situation. Amy Paulin’s staff reminded us to keep her office informed of any further problems. We got answers from Amy Paulin and are most appreciative,” said Barbara Whelan, a Scarsdale resident.

“We had numerous power outages over the past several months and finally through the help of Amy Paulin, Con Ed has agreed to remedy the situation. I am very grateful for the help she rendered,” stated Preston S. Scher, a New Rochelle resident.

A similar situation had existed in the Greenacres neighborhood of Scarsdale which also required a $200,000 investment in new wiring, poles and transformers. That project was completed last spring and, with a few adjustments, the residents have seen a big improvement.

If you experience a power outage for any reason, Con Ed asks that you report it by calling 1-800-75-CONED or They will determine if the cause is due to a fallen tree or other weather related incidents requiring immediate attention. However, if there are persistent outages for no apparent reason, in addition to calling Con Ed, please call Amy Paulin’s office at 723-1115 for assistance.