Johns Pleased With Pro-Jobs And Middle-Class Budget

April 5, 2012

Lt. Gov. Duffy today joined Rochester area residents and local officials to discuss the 2012-13 Enacted State Budget. Assemblyman Mark Johns (R,C-Webster) is pleased with the overall outcome of the recently passed budget, calling it the most transparent budget in nearly 30 years which specifically protects middle-class families.

“This common sense budget invests state funds where they are needed most to create good-paying jobs, give our students the best education for their futures and protect our seniors who have given us so much in the past, all while reducing spending to protect taxpayers,” said Johns.

Johns voted in favor of several jobs initiatives that invested $4.6 billion into New York Works, a program designed to repair crumbling roads and bridges and spur construction job growth. The Rochester/Finger Lakes area alone is receiving $32 million toward major highway improvement projects.

Johns pushed for enhancements to New York’s economic development programs and boosted funding by $800 million. The funding is designed to support new and existing small businesses so they can expand to create local jobs.

Johns worked vigorously toward boosting school aid to New York schools, adding $222 million in foundation and gap elimination aid above the governor’s restoration, which is funding that goes directly to schools. The assemblyman worked especially hard to ensure that direct school funding increases were made for East Rochester, Fairport, Penfield, and Webster school districts at roughly 13 percent, 9 percent, 17 percent and 6 percent, respectively. In total, direct aid to the four schools was increased by $2.38 million.

The assemblyman helped lower the cost of prescription co-pays for seniors by reinstating EPIC prescription assistance. Johns feels that the budget, which didn’t raise taxes or spending, will keep New York’s economy growing for generations to come.