Gabryszak Responds to the Governor’s Budget
January 31, 2007

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga) responded positively to the budget presented by Governor Eliot Spitzer earlier this morning. He was encouraged by the governor’s plan to cut property taxes for the middle class and reform the Wicks Law.

The governor’s budget called for $6 billion in property tax relief over three years. For the first time, the STAR program would be linked to household income. All homeowners who make less than $235,000 would receive property tax relief, with the greatest tax benefits going to homeowners who make less than $60,000.

“Right now, the average middle class Erie County homeowner saves $526 under Basic STAR. If the governor’s plan is approved, the same homeowner will save $947 next year. That’s $421 going back into the pockets of middle class families. I will strongly support the governor’s plan for tax relief,” Gabryszak said.

The governor also called for reforming the Wicks Law. The governor’s plan would reduce the burden the Wicks Law imposes on small municipal construction projects by raising the threshold from $50,000 to $1 million for upstate New York. In addition, the governor’s plan would implement protections for subcontractors to ensure that the construction marketplace operates fairly.

“The Wicks Law has become one of the worst symbols of dysfunction in Albany. I support the governor’s plan to reform the Wicks Law and lower the cost of doing business in New York,” Gabryszak said.

Assemblyman Gabryszak concluded, “I commend the governor for presenting a detailed budget that clearly outlines state spending. We share many of the same priorities, most importantly, the economic revitalization of Western New York.”

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