Gabryszak: Lancaster School District Benefits with $1.9 Million in State Funding to Improve Education
“Contract for Excellence” aid tied to school accountability
November 19, 2007

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga) announced that the Lancaster School District has received $1.9 million for “Contract for Excellence” programs. The Lancaster School District committed to use the money for class size reduction, middle school and high school restructuring, teacher and principal quality initiatives and students spending more time on academic tasks.

“The ‘Contract for Excellence’ is about accountability,” Gabryszak said. “It requires schools to use the money for state-approved programs that improve performance. Our schools need more resources coupled with reform, and that’s the direction we’re headed.”

The Lancaster School District will spend:

  • $971,210 on class size reduction;
  • $466,458 on middle school and high school restructuring;
  • $415,158 on teacher and principal quality initiatives; and
  • $43,418 to ensure that students spend more time on academic tasks.

“What the ‘Contract for Excellence’ program will do is improve student achievement,” Gabryszak said. “This initiative builds on the record funding for our schools in this year’s budget and will lead toward better academic performance for our children.”

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