Assemblyman Gabryszak: Resolution Brings Transparency to New York State Government
Assembly Passes Resolution to Expand Television Coverage of Proceedings
June 22, 2009

The Assembly passed a resolution today bringing greater transparency to New York State Government proceedings. The initiative creates a joint advisory board which will explore ways to expand television and internet coverage of legislative and governmental proceedings (CR 787). This board will draft a report which will be submitted no later than November 1st reviewing the current system and offer recommendations on ways to expand coverage.

Commenting on the Resolution Assemblyman Gabryszak stated; “Transparency in government is one of the most important factors in having a fair and responsive democracy. This resolution seeks to create open government by making it easier for New Yorker’s to access legislative proceedings via technology.”

The Assembly has been televising gavel to gavel proceedings since January 2006. This measure will expand and build upon the efforts of the New York State Assembly and bring more transparency to the proceedings of the New York State Government.

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