Assemblyman Gabryszak Holds Roundtable on University–Industry Cooperation
September 14, 2009

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D,I – Cheektowaga) met with other state leaders today for a roundtable discussion for the Taskforce on University-Industry Cooperation. Assemblyman Gabryszak has chaired the taskforce since June and is already making headway toward finding better avenues of cooperation between economic opportunities and higher education. This roundtable discussion concluded a busy summer that saw Assemblyman Gabryszak touring the state’s universities where he met with leaders in industry collegiate administration and academicians and school administration officials.

Assemblyman Gabryszak sees his appointment to chair the Taskforce on University – Industry Cooperation as a tremendous opportunity for economic growth. Commenting on his efforts this summer Assemblyman Gabryszak said “Our state possesses a rich resource in the way of a vibrant public university system. Our problem is not educating young New Yorkers; our state’s universities already do an excellent job of that.” He went on to say; “What we need to work on is providing our young college graduates with the opportunities and incentives to stay in New York once they graduate. The Taskforce on University – Industry Cooperation does just that it builds upon already existing relationships to make New York’s economy stronger.

The Taskforce on University Industry Cooperation is only part of Assemblyman Gabryszak plan to provide young New Yorkers with economic opportunities especially here in Western New York. He is also a sponsor on the UB 2020 legislation which seeks to turn the University at Buffalo into a state of the art research facility by the year 2020.

The University-Industry taskforce was created in the 1980’s and brought back in 2001 in order to exercise oversight over significant state investments in research and development at the state’s universities. The purpose of the taskforce is not only to exercise oversight but also to act as a liaison between school administration officials and local business leaders.

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