Gabryszak: Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Library to Receive Vital Funds
March 10, 2010

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga) announced that the state has awarded $58,487 for much needed improvements to the Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Library.

“During these difficult economic times, it’s hard to find inexpensive activities that individuals and families can enjoy. Libraries provide countless services that are economical, entertaining and educational,” Gabryszak said. “I am pleased that funding was awarded to the Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Library because it provides our community with a vast array of books, invaluable computers and remarkable microfilms for little – or no – cost. This funding will help maintain the library for years to come.”

The funding will go toward reconstructing the library’s parking lot and installing a Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) system. The RFID system will allow the library to forgo its current bar code system, which will bring the library up to date with the latest technologies and make it more efficient, Gabryszak said.

A recent survey of New York State’s public libraries showed a documented need for construction and renovation projects, totaling more than $2.53 billion. More than 40 percent of the over 1,000 public library buildings across New York are over 60 years old. Another 30 percent are more than three decades old.

“The Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Library is vital to our community. The funding will improve the library’s infrastructure and help it keep up with emerging technologies,” Gabryszak said. “I will continue working to ensure that the Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Library remains a valuable community resource with beneficial services for Erie County residents.”

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