Gabryszak: Constituents before Politics!
January 20, 2011

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D, I, C, WF – Cheektowaga) joined members of the New York State Assembly and Senate in a bipartisan announcement of legislation that would punish any elected officials who knowingly destroy constituent casework.

The proposed legislation would make the act of destroying constituent case files illegal and punishable by up to a $25,000 fine with possible jail time.

“The destruction of casework is a disservice to the district and to the constituent,” Gabryszak said. “The problem exists for serious consequences or repercussions for a constituent depending on the nature of the issue at hand. It’s not fair to the taxpayer for a new member and his or her staff to have to start a long process over again. Time and resources are wasted.”

The legislation is being sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti (R, Buffalo).

“The needs of constituents should always come before politics,” Gabryszak said. “The destroying of casework, for any reason, is absolutely unacceptable. I will work hard with my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate to try to stop this unethical practice of destroying files.”

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