Gabryszak: Cuomo’s Call for Rightsizing and Restructuring Can Revamp New York
February 1, 2011

“The governor’s budget calls for innovative ways to restructure state government, including consolidation and merging of programs and reductions in health and education aid in an effort to reduce the state’s budget deficit.

“Getting the state out of this fiscal crisis is not going to be easy. Tough choices must be made in the coming weeks if we want to get New York out of debt and start paving the way for a profitable future.

“Consideration must be given to how each and every cut or reduction will affect working families and those who live on fixed incomes. In the coming week my colleagues and I will work to pass a final budget that will provide New York with a road map to the future.”

“In addition the governor talked of the need for ethics reform which would include the disclosure of outside income. As legislators, it’s important we restore the trust of our constituents and perform the job we were elected to do. Our mission should be to get this great state back on track to prosperity to make it a better place now and for years to come.”

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