Assemblyman Gabryszak: Youth Bureaus Help Create a Positive Environment
February 8, 2011

Assemblyman Gabryszak meets with the Youth Bureau staff and volunteers from the Towns of Lancaster and Cheektowaga.

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D, I, C, WF – Cheektowaga) met with Youth Bureau staff and volunteers from the Towns of Lancaster and Cheektowaga in Albany today to discuss how these groups of young individuals and bureaus have made a difference the 143rd Assembly District.

“A lot of the time we hear negative things about the younger generation,” Assemblyman Gabryszak said. “The Youth Bureau is a group of talented, ambitions, young role models who are volunteering their time to make a difference in the community. More attention should be focused on them.”

The Association of New York State Youth Bureaus was founded in 1971 and offers a variety of programs including:

- Counseling

- Tutoring

- Health and wellness days

- Group mentoring

- Red Cross Babysitter Training

- GED Programs

- Exam Prep

- Fitness Fun Class

“It’s important for children and teens to have peer mentoring and education,” said Assemblyman

Gabryszak. “Some topics may be easier for young people to discuss with their peers than with adults. We want the future generation to make good decisions. The Youth Bureau is a positive outlet for young people to get involved and stay informed.”

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