Gabryszak: Western New York Won’t Be Overlooked
February 4, 2011

“Governor Cuomo is putting the taxpayer first. He and his administration are exploring creative and innovative ways of restructuring government. I support the Governor’s proposal for a reduction in spending, instituting a tax cap and the consolidation and merging of programs and agencies. I will work hard with Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the legislature to adopt a budget on time.

Governor Cuomo’s proposed creation of Regional Economic Development Councils, to be lead by Lt. Governor Robert Duffy, will benefit upstate vastly. A collaboration of local talent, experience and dedication from the private sector, local governments, state agencies and academic institutions will help restore economic prosperity to our region.

UB2020 will continue to be a top priority for the Western New York Delegation. It is my hope, once the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council is established, that we will all work together to make UB2020 a reality. Western New York has unlimited potential and untapped resources. Our area will not be overlooked, as demonstrated by Governor Cuomo’s visit today.”

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