Assemblyman Gabryszak: UB2020 Summit Promised After Completion of State Budget
March 31, 2011

“Yesterday, we passed a budget that has no tax increases, cuts state spending by $3 billion over last year, closes the state’s $10 billion deficit, restores vital programs and focuses on job creation. While it’s unfortunate that many programs like UB 2020 were put aside, there is agreement with the governor to hold a post-budget summit to come up with a solution for UB2020.

“While there are a number of good economic development initiatives included in the budget, UB 2020’s omission is especially disappointing. The program, which promises to transform the University at Buffalo into a world-class research hub, is critical to Western New York’s future at a time when people are fleeing the area in search of the very sort of opportunities it would deliver.

“We need to now focus our attention to try to make UB 2020 a reality. Western New York can’t afford to pass this opportunity by any longer. With the governor’s commitment to hold a summit and together with help from my colleagues in both the Assembly and the Senate, I look forward to moving ahead with UB 2020.”

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