Assemblymember Gabryszak Focuses on Continuing the Success of Last Year
January 4, 2012

“With today marking the beginning of the legislative session, Western New York can be confident that last year’s successes will continue into 2012. The ‘Three Part Plan’ Governor Cuomo outlined for 2012 will help to strengthen New York’s economy, specifically Western New York, where the governor promised $1 billion to invest in job creation and growth. Our residents shouldn’t have to relocate to find good paying jobs and this allocation is an investment in our future. Western New York will no longer be overlooked.

“The rebuilding of New York began last year when Governor Cuomo outlined a plan emphasizing job creation, economic competition, government transparency, and property tax relief. This plan was executed with the passage of ethics reform, a 2% tax cap, tax cuts for the middle class, creation of the regional economic councils as well as creating a business friendly climate. Rebuilding our state will continue and I look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and the legislature for another historic and ambitious legislative year. ”

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