Assemblyman Gabryszak Urges Mandate Relief
Legislation would repeal notification provisions of the Wage Theft Prevention Act
March 16, 2012

Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga) participated in The Mandate Relief Council’s public hearing held at the University at Buffalo in Amherst, to discuss mandate relief proposals included in Governor Cuomo’s executive budget.

“Mandate relief is crucial to help relieve heavy burdens placed on municipalities, businesses, schools and taxpayers,” Assemblyman Gabryszak said.

Assemblyman Gabryszak is sponsoring legislation in the Assembly that will provide businesses much needed mandate relief by repealing the notification provisions of the Wage Theft Prevention Act. (A.8856)

“It’s a burden to make every employer give notification when most employees can find the same information on his or her pay stub or within the human resources department,” Assemblyman Gabryszak said. “It’s not fair to place this mandate on businesses that have always complied with the rules, because of a small number that don’t. This legislation can help save employers in our state time and money.”

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