2012-13 State Budget Increases School Aid to Area School Districts
Community college base aid rises for the first time in five years
March 28, 2012

Assemblyman Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga) announced the 2012-13 state budget will increase school aid to local school districts and increase community college base aid for the first time in five years (A.9057-D).

Assemblyman Gabryszak said the final budget increases school aid to all area school districts. The final budget provides an increase of:

  • $271,727 or 2.97% for Cheektowaga Central School District;
  • $551,571 or 5.30% for Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District;
  • $516,137 or 5.02% for Maryvale Union Free School District;
  • $585,215 or 6.69% for Cleveland Hill Union Free School District;
  • $2,656,760 or 11.28% for Lancaster Central School District;
  • $718,274 or 5.84% for Depew Union Free School District;

In addition to local area funding, the budget includes a $111.5 million increase in Foundation Aid, a $400 million increase in the Gap Elimination Adjustment restoration and a full restoration of $239 million for expense-based aids. The Assembly also reallocated $200 million from competitive grants to go back into Foundation Aid funding for school districts, which all school districts are eligible for.

“Educating our children is of the utmost importance,” Gabryszak said. “If we can provide our children with the best possible education, we will better prepare our students for the jobs of the future and enable them to achieve success for years to come.”

Recognizing the critical role that community colleges play in job training and retraining, the Assembly Majority promised to increase state support to the state’s public community colleges. The final budget increases support to $2,272 per-FTE student for a total of $22.1 million for SUNY community colleges. Erie Community College students will see a base aid increase of $150 per-FTE student per academic year, the first community college base aid increase in five years.

“Making college education affordable is a must,” Gabryszak said. “Community colleges offer a quality education at an affordable price which allows many students to continue their education.”

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