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Michael Montesano
Assembly District 15
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01862Mandates ignition interlock devices for school buses
A01863Prohibits the use of fraud or deceit to obtain a controlled substance; repealer
A04485Directs the commissioner of taxation and finance to establish a procedure whereby persons owing payment to the state may offset obligations of the state to them
A04666Requires that school district officers have a high school diploma or GED certificate
A04667Prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages by licensed retail establishments at customer-operated point-of-sale stations; imposes fine of $500-$1000 for violation
A04680Requires the surfaces of non-commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds or less to be cleared of snow
A04684Requires a doctor to obtain the informed consent of patients prior to prescribing psychiatric drugs notifying the patient of possible adverse effects of the drug
A04685Creates the teacher training initiative fund for autism; appropriation
A04689Authorizes on-site inspections of housing in violation of zoning laws for purposes of enforcing illegal housing laws and regulations
A04723Provides for the issuance of distinctive license plates for members of the Navy League of the United States
A04724Relates to liability of owners of illegal rentals if a resident or certain other person is injured or dies related to such owner's negligent maintenance
A04725Relates to salary increases for heads of police departments of municipalities, districts or authorities
A04883Relates to procurement of materials and supplies by superintendents and schools
A07253Establishes protections to prevent surprise medical bills
A08390Includes vehicles operated by sanitation workers in the definition of hazard vehicle
A08403Provides that the proceeds of civil recoveries obtained by prisoners against state and local governments are made available to their victims
A08412Requires the secretary of state to email a copy of all new laws passed to representatives of local governments
A08413Authorizes the development and implementation of an online tracking system for loans and grants
A08414Prohibits use of safety strobe light to change a traffic signal
A08415Creates and defines the new crime of aggressive driving as a class E felony; establishes minimum one year sentence when court imposes alternative definite sentence
A08416Authorizes the sale of gift baskets containing alcoholic beverages packaged with New York grown agricultural products
A08417Increases the age at which a person is considered a child for the purposes of sexual performances by a child
A08420Relates to automobile manufacturers' warranty adjustment programs
A08421Relates to prohibiting unsolicited text messaging through wireless telephones
A08422Allows an additional personal exemption for resident individuals of $650 for each dependent 65 years or older with income limitations
A08423Provides that no issuer of a credit card shall send unsolicited, blank checks to a card member residing in New York state
A08424Creates restrictions on where EBT cards may be used to access cash
A08708Authorizes the assessor of the county of Nassau to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from the Living Faith Christian Church
A08709Authorizes the assessor of the county of Nassau to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from St. Luke's Lutheran Church
A08801Relates to rate filings for homeowner's insurance policies
A08802Relates to the management of retirement loans
A09022Establishes the reasonable charge for electronic copies of medical records and patient information
A09352Relates to the authorization of school districts to enter into lease purchase agreements for the acquisition of security solutions
A09652Designates a portion of state route 107 in the town of Oyster Bay, county of Nassau, as "Billy Joel Boulevard"

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00067   A00144   A00219   A00239   A00246   A00274   A00280   A00293   A00317   A00318   A00322   A00326   A00335   A00338   A00369   A00370   A00382   A00384   A00388   A00389   A00435   A00466   A00468   A00535   A00556   A00641   A00645   A00675   A00725   A00775   A00783   A00784   A00817   A00822   A00823   A00825   A00830   A00934   A00987   A01078   A01085   A01102   A01132   A01147   A01155   A01176   A01186   A01190   A01199   A01212   A01230   A01240   A01265   A01267   A01268   A01269   A01271   A01272   A01283   A01346   A01357   A01362   A01367   A01373   A01400   A01408   A01486   A01490   A01491   A01492   A01493   A01498   A01500   A01501   A01503   A01504   A01527   A01544   A01545   A01553   A01560   A01564   A01569   A01571   A01572   A01573   A01574   A01610   A01620   A01621   A01623   A01633   A01636   A01638   A01656   A01665   A01702   A01703   A01704   A01706   A01710   A01715   A01720   A01731   A01733   A01739   A01752   A01797   A01798   A01799   A01802   A01803   A01814   A01818   A01823   A01847   A01866   A01869   A01881   A01886   A01920   A01921   A01922   A01924   A01941   A02026   A02088   A02124   A02127   A02140   A02150   A02161   A02179   A02198   A02205   A02236   A02247   A02266   A02277   A02278   A02317   A02319   A02322   A02335   A02337   A02345   A02349   A02350   A02356   A02359   A02381   A02411   A02482   A02485   A02493   A02515   A02527   A02543   A02566   A02644   A02653   A02654   A02709   A02710   A02715   A02739   A02741   A02743   A02766   A02780   A02859   A02871   A02872   A02873   A02875   A03011   A03013   A03055   A03084   A03085   A03088   A03206   A03210   A03293   A03304   A03305   A03315   A03318   A03418   A03480   A03501   A03528   A03531   A03538   A03540   A03541   A03549   A03557   A03625   A03673   A03728   A03746   A03751   A03795   A03821   A03898   A03905   A03983   A03984   A03992   A04004   A04005   A04055   A04074   A04078   A04097   A04112   A04123   A04126   A04131   A04141   A04165   A04177   A04202   A04215   A04216   A04217   A04246   A04249   A04254   A04262   A04263   A04264   A04265   A04303   A04312   A04313   A04331   A04332   A04357   A04362   A04406   A04411   A04412   A04427   A04428   A04452   A04486   A04501   A04505   A04506   A04543   A04552   A04560   A04562   A04564   A04566   A04567   A04568   A04570   A04574   A04575   A04609   A04612   A04613   A04621   A04622   A04623   A04624   A04638   A04671   A04674   A04676   A04683   A04692   A04696   A04736   A04737   A04746   A04753   A04762   A04774   A04784   A04825   A04827   A04843   A04845   A04849   A04856   A04860   A04866   A04891   A04935   A04955   A04971   A04987   A05013   A05015   A05018   A05019   A05044   A05046   A05053   A05060   A05069   A05073   A05083   A05086   A05101   A05131   A05145   A05175   A05184   A05214   A05217   A05246   A05255   A05281   A05294   A05305   A05308   A05309   A05352   A05357   A05363   A05392   A05441   A05446   A05451   A05452   A05471   A05533   A05538   A05569   A05584   A05680   A05681   A05686   A05688   A05709   A05716   A05718   A05733   A05738   A05739   A05744   A05751   A05752   A05753   A05755   A05760   A05761   A05764   A05766   A05767   A05768   A05772   A05774   A05776   A05777   A05783   A05837   A05838   A05839   A05846   A05849   A05852   A05860   A05861   A05872   A05908   A05941   A05946   A05963   A05991   A06008   A06009   A06012   A06013   A06014   A06030   A06034   A06039   A06059   A06068   A06069   A06070   A06074   A06084   A06089   A06093   A06108   A06149   A06178   A06181   A06194   A06207   A06211   A06239   A06263   A06268   A06318   A06323   A06324   A06329   A06332   A06340   A06341   A06343   A06412   A06422   A06423   A06439   A06441   A06457   A06473   A06474   A06475   A06494   A06521   A06522   A06527   A06546   A06562   A06563   A06597   A06613   A06615   A06622   A06624   A06625   A06626   A06627   A06637   A06656   A06660   A06661   A06662   A06663   A06664   A06665   A06668   A06669   A06670   A06678   A06680   A06683   A06690   A06694   A06707   A06719   A06785   A06790   A06813   A06820   A06928   A06956   A06966   A06970   A06976   A06988   A07003   A07010   A07026   A07052   A07075   A07110   A07173   A07187   A07209   A07211   A07234   A07248   A07299   A07308   A07318   A07341   A07348   A07352   A07365   A07393   A07402   A07417   A07434   A07469   A07476   A07509   A07527   A07529   A07534   A07568   A07569   A07604   A07621   A07640   A07644   A07647   A07661   A07676   A07680   A07685   A07688   A07725   A07733   A07736   A07741   A07747   A07775   A07778   A07788   A07793   A07805   A07818   A07849   A07867   A07892   A07927   A07994   A08021   A08107   A08122   A08127   A08141   A08153   A08159   A08161   A08176   A08180   A08189   A08194   A08199   A08201   A08214   A08218   A08221   A08222   A08242   A08270   A08310   A08327   A08332   A08333   A08340   A08350   A08361   A08389   A08402   A08426   A08441   A08442   A08443   A08448   A08453   A08473   A08474   A08482   A08490   A08503   A08565   A08591   A08593   A08594   A08607   A08611   A08615   A08621   A08631   A08637   A08640   A08649   A08651   A08652   A08658   A08661   A08666   A08669   A08684   A08687   A08690   A08707   A08712   A08716   A08717   A08719   A08726   A08784   A08785   A08799   A08803   A08841   A08843   A08844   A08874   A08875   A08876   A08887   A08917   A08946   A08954   A08955   A09090   A09113   A09124   A09184   A09260   A09287   A09288   A09289   A09291   A09413   A09492   A09538   A09554   A09555   A09560   A09774   A09860  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A10037   A10168  

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