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Michael Montesano
Assembly District 15
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Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01375Relates to automobile manufacturers' warranty adjustment programs
A01397Designates a portion of state route 107 in the town of Oyster Bay, county of Nassau, as "Billy Joel Boulevard"
A01402Relates to procurement of materials and supplies by superintendents and schools
A01474Establishes the reasonable charge for electronic copies of medical records and patient information
A01584Requires the surfaces of non-commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds or less to be cleared of snow
A01598Relates to rate filings for homeowner's insurance policies
A01603Allows an additional personal exemption for resident individuals of $650 for each dependent 65 years or older with income limitations
A01653Provides that no issuer of a credit card shall send unsolicited, blank checks to a card member residing in New York state
A01655Prohibits the use of fraud or deceit to obtain a controlled substance; repealer
A01656Relates to prohibiting unsolicited text messaging through wireless telephones
A01660Relates to the authorization of school districts to enter into lease purchase agreements for the acquisition of security solutions
A01693Requires the secretary of state to email a copy of all new laws passed to representatives of local governments
A01700Creates restrictions on where EBT cards may be used to access cash
A01724Relates to the management of retirement loans
A01886Includes vehicles operated by sanitation workers in the definition of hazard vehicle
A02214Requires a doctor to obtain the informed consent of patients prior to prescribing psychiatric drugs notifying the patient of possible adverse effects of the drug
A02215Authorizes on-site inspections of housing in violation of zoning laws for purposes of enforcing illegal housing laws and regulations
A02250Prohibits use of safety strobe light to change a traffic signal
A02254Relates to liability of owners of illegal rentals if a resident or certain other person is injured or dies related to such owner's negligent maintenance
A02256Prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages by licensed retail establishments at customer-operated point-of-sale stations; imposes fine of $500-$1000 for violation
A02257Provides for the issuance of distinctive license plates for members of the Navy League of the United States
A02299Provides that the proceeds of civil recoveries obtained by prisoners against state and local governments are made available to their victims
A02300Increases the age at which a person is considered a child for the purposes of sexual performances by a child
A02301Authorizes the development and implementation of an online tracking system for loans and grants
A02402Requires that school district officers have a high school diploma or GED certificate
A02440Authorizes the sale of gift baskets containing alcoholic beverages packaged with New York grown agricultural products
A02442Relates to salary increases for heads of police departments of municipalities, districts or authorities
A02443Creates the teacher training initiative fund for autism; appropriation
A02461Creates and defines the new crime of aggressive driving as a class E felony; establishes minimum one year sentence when court imposes alternative definite sentence
A02543Directs the commissioner of taxation and finance to establish a procedure whereby persons owing payment to the state may offset obligations of the state to them
A03592Relates to the visitation rights of great-grandparents
A04196Requires mortgage investing institutions or their contracted vendors to be financially responsible for any interest or penalties charged as a result of an erroneous mortgage registration
A04295Relates to calculating the final average salary of justices and judges within the New York state unified court system
A06874In relation to grants and reimbursements to public and nonpublic schools for the costs related to the hiring of school resource officers or for costs related to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00069   A00133   A00137   A00139   A00180   A00187   A00218   A00244   A00275   A00296   A00323   A00328   A00343   A00352   A00361   A00377   A00384   A00387   A00486   A00520   A00522   A00523   A00527   A00530   A00547   A00564   A00571   A00578   A00590   A00627   A00660   A00698   A00699   A00726   A00739   A00743   A00748   A00751   A00781   A00796   A00799   A00811   A00818   A00830   A00839   A00854   A00863   A00885   A00914   A00958   A00981   A00982   A01013   A01015   A01017   A01029   A01034   A01035   A01036   A01039   A01056   A01059   A01066   A01070   A01071   A01076   A01098   A01102   A01103   A01137   A01139   A01158   A01159   A01174   A01182   A01183   A01191   A01227   A01245   A01246   A01266   A01275   A01317   A01366   A01426   A01472   A01535   A01586   A01604   A01621   A01630   A01654   A01666   A01727   A01741   A01762   A01775   A01786   A01819   A01826   A01828   A01831   A01840   A01841   A01843   A01846   A01848   A01851   A01853   A01854   A01864   A01866   A01874   A01892   A01896   A01897   A01935   A01952   A01958   A01987   A02001   A02014   A02031   A02032   A02034   A02067   A02075   A02114   A02173   A02174   A02175   A02179   A02183   A02192   A02244   A02281   A02312   A02359   A02379   A02392   A02410   A02412   A02421   A02426   A02430   A02437   A02444   A02446   A02460   A02465   A02468   A02484   A02489   A02493   A02500   A02503   A02504   A02512   A02516   A02532   A02533   A02538   A02548   A02549   A02591   A02681   A02756   A02769   A02782   A02783   A02799   A02834   A02847   A02851   A02952   A02972   A02976   A02982   A03024   A03048   A03049   A03051   A03092   A03093   A03113   A03129   A03158   A03163   A03182   A03184   A03201   A03202   A03203   A03223   A03249   A03295   A03303   A03320   A03322   A03352   A03354   A03356   A03392   A03401   A03418   A03421   A03446   A03477   A03509   A03520   A03526   A03562   A03569   A03590   A03595   A03597   A03605   A03623   A03633   A03637   A03649   A03656   A03659   A03665   A03684   A03697   A03703   A03707   A03714   A03718   A03722   A03733   A03760   A03773   A03775   A03786   A03825   A03827   A03840   A03846   A03872   A03875   A03889   A03916   A03918   A03944   A03947   A03960   A04025   A04032   A04044   A04057   A04065   A04072   A04074   A04080   A04088   A04104   A04105   A04117   A04118   A04125   A04126   A04133   A04136   A04157   A04175   A04188   A04192   A04205   A04222   A04248   A04255   A04302   A04303   A04327   A04334   A04335   A04352   A04359   A04360   A04365   A04367   A04368   A04372   A04374   A04383   A04390   A04394   A04423   A04426   A04460   A04467   A04473   A04479   A04480   A04481   A04483   A04501   A04504   A04508   A04535   A04554   A04583   A04617   A04623   A04638   A04642   A04643   A04655   A04662   A04664   A04665   A04667   A04677   A04687   A04712   A04725   A04766   A04803   A04804   A04807   A04815   A04852   A04857   A04868   A04870   A04872   A04882   A04883   A04898   A04903   A04908   A04911   A04915   A04917   A04924   A04929   A04945   A04965   A04971   A04983   A04984   A04986   A04993   A04995   A04997   A05000   A05006   A05013   A05016   A05038   A05057   A05065   A05074   A05127   A05129   A05141   A05142   A05159   A05160   A05161   A05185   A05192   A05196   A05214   A05215   A05216   A05217   A05227   A05231   A05251   A05273   A05285   A05286   A05291   A05293   A05296   A05307   A05310   A05352   A05376   A05384   A05385   A05392   A05409   A05410   A05422   A05428   A05436   A05453   A05473   A05477   A05485   A05488   A05497   A05498   A05515   A05538   A05547   A05549   A05558   A05559   A05560   A05573   A05586   A05666   A05676   A05677   A05703   A05713   A05728   A05823   A05833   A05884   A05896   A05898   A05902   A05923   A05924   A05958   A05974   A05982   A05983   A05990   A05992   A05999   A06016   A06031   A06041   A06044   A06098   A06101   A06109   A06112   A06152   A06153   A06154   A06158   A06160   A06162   A06184   A06195   A06202   A06233   A06330   A06341   A06351   A06366   A06379   A06391   A06439   A06451   A06481   A06483   A06514   A06533   A06534   A06562   A06601   A06674   A06684   A06692   A06730   A06776   A06798   A06807   A06808   A07020   A07072   A07082   A07089   A07093  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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