NYS Assembly Passes Strengthened Property Tax Exemption Bills for Seniors and Disabled

May 11, 2012

Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D/WFP – Jackson Heights) is pleased that the NYS Assembly passed several pieces of legislation that strengthen the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and the Disabled Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) programs. Both of these programs offer eligible tenants an exemption from rent increases and the owners of the apartments receive a real estate tax credit.

“I am proud that I supported all of these measures. Seniors and those with disabilities on fixed incomes often cannot afford rent increases,” stated Assemblyman DenDekker. He continued, “Strengthening SCRIE and DRIE will help more New Yorkers afford to stay in their homes and the communities that they know and love.”

Included in the package of bills passed by the Assembly are measures that would:

  • require municipalities that have the SCRIE program to conduct outreach within the community to increase awareness and require municipal agencies operating the program to respond to applicants within a set time (A.9205);
  • require that forms and assistance be made available in community settings to applicants and participants who are eligible for the SCRIE program (A.9204);
  • require municipalities that have the SCRIE program to ensure that individuals who have difficulty speaking or understanding English would have a fair opportunity to participate in the SCRIE program (A.9213); and
  • require municipalities that have the SCRIE program to make sure that individuals receiving benefits under the DRIE program’s eligibility are transitioned to the SCRIE program seamlessly upon reaching the appropriate age (A.9223-A).

“This package of legislation helps ensure that more senior citizens and people with disabilities are aware of the SCRIE and DRIE programs,” Assembly member DenDekker said. “These bills will help those eligible to find out about these important programs and ensure that applications are handled in a timely fashion, so that our seniors and neighbors with disabilities don’t have to wait months to get the rent savings they deserve.”

Assemblyman DenDekker’s constituents can contact his office – 718-0457-0384 -for more information regarding this or any other program that they might be eligible for.