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Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley: Assembly Passes Legislation to Empower, Support Crime Victims

Assemblyman Walter Mosley (D-Brooklyn) announced that he helped pass crime victims legislative package that supports victims of human trafficking, broadens the definition of rape to ensure justice for survivors of rape or sexual assault, expands...

April 24, 2018
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Assemblyman Mosley: Gender Pay Gap Holds Women Back

Assemblyman Walter Mosley announced that he passed legislation to help ensure women earn equal pay for equal work as part of his fight for full women’s equality. The package includes a resolution recognizing April 10 as Equal Pay Day, which...

April 17, 2018
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Assemblyman Walter Mosley Equal Pay Day Statement: The Battle Continues For Equal Pay for Equal Work

Brooklyn, NY – “Today is Equal Pay Day – a designation that not only calls attention to the ever-persistent pay gap but also serves as a stark reminder that the fight for full women’s equality is far from over. April 10 represents just how far into...

April 9, 2018
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