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Assemblyman Stirpe: Donate Food and be a Helping Hand for Those in Need

This holiday season, as we all gather with our friends and families, itís important to remember those who are less fortunate and need a helping hand. Thatís why Iím asking everyone to consider donating to my annual food drive to benefit the Food...

December 2, 2016
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Assemblyman Stirpe: If You See Flashing Lights, ĎMove Overí

As the holiday season approaches, many New Yorkers will be traveling to visit family and friends near and far. If youíve ever had to stop in the breakdown lane on the Thruway or I-81 during the busy holiday season, you know how scary or downright...

November 22, 2016
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Assemblyman Stirpe: Safety First as Kids Head Back to School

Summer vacation is winding down, and parents are getting their kids ready to head back to school. Many children will be walking or riding the bus to and from school and afterschool activities, so itís a good time to remind ourselves of laws designed...

August 26, 2016
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Assemblyman Al Stirpe: New Ethics Laws are a Key Step in Restoring the Publicís Trust in Government

ďThe new ethics laws we passed this year, are a key step in restoring the publicís trust in government. No longer will corrupt politicians be able to collect pensions from prison cells. We reformed independent expenditure committees, ending...

August 24, 2016
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Assemblyman Stirpe: Government has to work for the people

For far too long, public corruption in Albany has eroded the publicís trust and faith in government and in their elected representatives. We must have meaningful ethics reform in order to fix Albanyís culture of corruption; and during this yearís...

August 12, 2016
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Welcome Letter

Welcome to my website!

Iím proud to offer this site as a resource for the residents of 127th Assembly District which includes the towns of Cicero, Clay, Manlius, Tully, Fabius and Pompey.

On this page Iíll keep you updated and informed on the...
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