Curran: Giving Schools The Tools To Combat Cyber-Bullying

Approved Measure will Protect Children from Online Harassment
June 19, 2012

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook- 14th AD) today helped pass an amendment to the Dignity for All Students Act to give school administrators the necessary tools to help protect students from cyber-bullying.

“Cyber-bullying is a new reality of which parents and children need to be aware. This form of bullying is especially harmful due to a perpetrator’s feeling of anonymity, allowing them to be excessively vicious because they do not see the immediate effect on their victim or fear any consequences for their actions. This legislation gives school administrators and parents a clear and defined process to help students who are victims of cyber-bullying,” said Curran.

This legislation will protect students from online and Internet-based harassment, bullying and discrimination, and requires school districts to establish protocols to respond to cyber-bullying and designating a school official to receive and investigate reports promptly; take action to prevent recurrences; coordinate with law enforcement when appropriate; develop a bullying prevention strategy; and provide notice to all school community members of the school's policies.

“As a concerned parent, I know that our strategy to protect our children must change with the times. The unfortunate phenomenon of cyber-bullying and its pervasiveness in our children’s culture requires new and innovative steps to moderate incidents and safely mediate its consequences. This law is a jumping point for school administrators, parents and lawmakers to investigate and use the means at our disposal to make our schools and communities safer for our children,” said Curran.