Rebate Extension and a Scam

October 23, 2007

At a special session in Albany on Tuesday, October 23, the New York State Assembly approved legislation to extend the application deadline for the Middle Class STAR Rebate program. Eligible homeowners now have until December 31, 2007 to apply. The Senate had passed this bill on October 22. The Governor is expected to sign it into law.

The decision to extend the deadline was made after many households reported they had not received their applications. Later it was discovered an administrative error had occurred delaying the distribution of applications to many property owners.

If you are eligible for the Middle Class STAR Rebate and have not received an application you must call the STAR Hotline at 877-678-2769.

Finally, all our citizens need to know about a STAR Rebate identity scam. There have been reports of homeowners throughout the state who have received phone calls requesting information such as birth date, Social Security numbers and credit information. If you receive such a suspicious phone call, please do not provide any information. You may then dial *57 which will activate Verizonís call tracing service. You should then contact Verizonís business office (1-877-TRACE 4U) and the police.

If you have any questions please to call my district office at 516-676-0050 or email us at