Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

From the desk of Assemblyman Charles Lavine
January 25, 2008

While Long Island boasts wonderful beaches, parks, golf courses and gold coast mansions, we often fail to recognize one of our true gems, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

So you can imagine how happy I was when Governor Spitzer visited the Laboratory, which is located in the 13th Assembly District on Friday, January 11 to announce that the State of New York is advancing a $2 million grant to the laboratory.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the accomplishments of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, for over a century scientists and researchers have utilized the lab for cancer research, genetics research, neurobiology, genomics and biology informatics. Over the years Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists have won prestigious Nobel Prizes for the discovery of Double Helix Structure of DNA, split genes, and jumping genes. Their top rate educational activities, meetings and Ph.D. program are the key to our future for they ensure the continuation of this outstanding work.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is one of Long Islandís most valuable assets, and is a key component of our economic future. Governor Spitzer is to be commended for making Long Island and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory a priority.