Pistol Microstamping Passes Assembly

April 21, 2008

Glen Cove – Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine announces that a bill he cosponsored mandating that every pistol legally sold in New York State be designed to micro-stamp ammunition with unique markings passed in the Assembly last week.

Authored by Assemblymember Michelle Schimel (D- Great Neck), Bill number A.9819 would require that all semiautomatic pistols sold in New York have a microscopic array of unique characters that will be stamped onto the cartridge cases of discharged ammunition.

“This legislation will empower our police to quickly trace ballistic evidence fired from semi-automatic hand-guns through marked cartridge casings recovered at crime scenes.” Lavine said. “It will be a vital investigative technique by making it easier for law enforcement officers to quickly trace spent bullet casings back to the guns that fired them.”

Relying on technology developed in the 1990’s, the process uses a laser to etch marks on the breech face and firing pin of semi-automatic hand-guns which in turn imprint the bullet cartridge with unique markings as soon as the pistol is fired, thereby permitting detectives to quickly trace recovered casings to the gun that was used in the crime.

“I am confident this important measure will pass in the Senate once it gets to the floor for a vote.” said Lavine, “and I am pleased that the New York State Assembly is leading the nation in giving law enforcement the cutting-edge tools needed to combat crime. While similar measures are being considered in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wisconsin, the only other state to enact this into law is California. I have no doubt that Governor Paterson will sign this important crime fighting bill into law if it passes in the Senate.”