Developing Renewable Energy Sources

May 1, 2008

Governor David Paterson deserves commendation for establishing an alternative solar energy project that will benefit all of Long Island.

With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, it is imperative for Governor Paterson to work closely with experts to identify and harness alternative energy sources.

In the plan, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) will purchase solar photovoltaic systems and introduce them into its power grid. This method will produce a sufficient amount of solar energy to sustain 6500 Long Island households. LIPA officials believe that the photovoltaic systems will be best placed at municipal locations throughout the island. Moreover, photovoltaic systems will prove to be environmentally beneficial and create green collar jobs.

I am pleased that Governor Paterson has focused on the needs of the Long Island region and that he has rejected the controversial Broadwater Project. Thanks to his careful consideration and ability to listen closely to the concerns of our citizens, he has made the correct decision to reject that wasteful plan while at the same time initiating what will be the state’s most comprehensive solar energy project.