Long Island Crisis Center: Helping Long Islanders in Need for Over 4 Decades

February 15, 2011

In these difficult times, there has been an unfortunate increase in the number of people in personal crisis. With an insidious bullying epidemic preying on our children, and the pressures of our harsh economic times forcing many into painful depression or substance abuse, we find ourselves in need of a proper way to counsel those in danger. Fortunately, a wonderful counseling organization exists close to home; in the form of Long Island Crisis Center (LICC).

Whenever a member of the Long Island community is in need, be it by way of thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, cyber bullying, or a range of other troubling problems, Long Island Crisis Center is fully reachable to offer support. The organization provides 24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week, anonymous, confidential and free online and over-the-phone counseling, support and referrals to those who find themselves in the midst of an emotional emergency. The services are open to anyone in need. In recent years, too many suicide victims have taken their lives unaware that there is help available, assault victims hurt without support, and as of recent, victims of both school and cyberbullies have turned to self-inflicted harm without reaching for help. As the services are fully confidential, no person in dilemma should ever fear seeking help.

LICC counselors receive an intensive training (over 250 hours) in crisis intervention counseling. They are kind and caring individuals that are always available to help. If you or anyone you may know is in need of crisis intervention, I strongly urge you to have them visit Long Island Crisis Center’s Web site. You can get online counseling at their Web Site and for over-the-phone assistance please call the hotline at 516-679-1111. “Any Problem, Any Time, Any One…It’s Okay To Ask for Help.”