Lavine: Save 4201 Schools

March 10, 2011

Glen Cove – Assemblyman Charles Lavine spoke in front of a large crowd at a rally held in Albany, at the Legislative Office Building, in support of 4201 schools for the deaf, blind, and severely disabled.

Also, Assemblyman Lavine recently delivered a sign on letter to the Governor, that he circulated among his colleagues, urging him to protect the continuing operation of these schools. Educational institutions such as Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf are essential to the continued success of our children who face these impairments.

The budget as presented puts the existence of these time honored institutions in grave danger. These schools will lose $98 million in direct state aid. That amount will then have to be paid by the school districts within the community. Those districts, under the budget, will make the evaluations as to whether children are eligible for the 4201 schools. Families will no longer have the choice to have their youngsters evaluated by the experts at the 4201 schools.

While the difficult economic environment is endangering our school district’s commitment to quality education, Nassau County public school districts will be forced to include payment of real property tax certiorari awards (a cost for the last 70+ years borne by the county as assessing authority). This expense will add millions to their budgets.

“There is no doubt that our rough economy has placed an additional burden on each New Yorker, but there must surely be a path we can follow that protects our most vulnerable and needy children,” said Lavine. “It is for that reason that we urge that the funding stream for our 4201 schools remain intact.”