Lavine Announces Signature of Landmark NYSUNY 2020 Law

August 5, 2011

Glen Cove – Assemblyman Charles Lavine applauded Governor Cuomo’s signing of legislation to implement the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program and institute a balanced tuition plan for SUNY and CUNY. The new law will help New York's public universities become a leading means for regionally-focused economic development while maintaining affordability and improving academic quality.

The NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program encourages bottom-up, individualized, long-term economic development plans on SUNY campuses and the surrounding communities. The new tuition program replaces decades of unpredictable and sudden tuition hikes, allowing students and parents to better plan for college expenses.

“This new law will enhance academic achievement for all New Yorkers and foster economic development across the state,” said Lavine. “In signing the NYSUNY 2020 bill, Governor Cuomo has taken a major step towards instituting a rational tuition program that will help and encourage New Yorkers to seek higher education within the SUNY system.”