Friend: Governor Cuomo’s Budget Plan Needs Careful and Thoughtful Analysis

A Statement by Assemblyman Christopher Friend (R- Big Flats)
February 1, 2011

Governor Cuomo’s budget plan reflects the severe and critical situation New York finds itself in. Years of irresponsible spending, taxing and borrowing have led to this unfortunate moment, where the cold edge of austerity is a dark reality. Cuomo’s budget cuts are deep and wide, affecting countless New Yorkers. Although cuts are a necessary part of closing the $10 billion budget gap, we must ensure when the dust settles, that there is a better functioning state government. Redesigning and reforming government to make it smaller and more cost effective is an important step. I am hopeful this budget also will help stop Albany mandates and deliver real relief to localities. This is the beginning of the budget process and I will take the necessary time to thoughtfully review the 1,000+ page document for its impact on my constituents.