New York/New Jersey Power Deal Leaves New York’s Future in the Dark

March 9, 2011

Assemblyman Christopher Friend (R- Big Flats) opposes the proposed plan to allow New York City, the New York Power Authority and Hudson River Transmission Partners to build a seven-mile-long power line from New Jersey to New York City. The plan, estimated to cost $850 million, would allow New York City to purchase electricity produced in New Jersey.

“I fully understand the need to stabilize New York City’s power grid and provide affordable energy,” said Friend. “However, investing in a project to bring out-of-state power to New York is misguided. We should be investing in our own infrastructure so that we may produce our own energy right here in the Empire State.”

As of 2008, New York ranked 4th in total energy consumption and only 20th in total energy production. The state is heavily reliant on outside energy production and projects such as the proposed New York to New Jersey power line only increases our dependence.

“Every dollar that goes out-of-state to pay for energy could have been invested in our infrastructure, workers, and future. Just as the United States has become overly reliant on foreign oil, New York has become dependent on out-of-state energy. The line may provide short-term benefits for some New Yorkers, but in the end, all of us will suffer for not investing in our infrastructure and independence.”