Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples Expresses Enthusiasm for Era of New Beginning in State Government

January 9, 2007
Buffalo – With the New Year brings a new beginning for New York State. Away with government waste, inadequate funding for public education, high taxes, budgets out of balance, and so on. The good news is that this year is going to be different under the Governor Eliot Spitzer Administration.

With our new, ambitious and progressive-minded Governor, Eliot Spitzer; New York State has an opportunity – after 12 years of gridlock under Pataki – to see positive change. Spitzer promises to be a hardworking governor, and the Assembly stands ready to partner with him to deliver the positive change needed to build a better New York for working families.

“With strong, vigorous leadership in the state’s executive office, we can tackle our challenges with a renewed vitality and confidence. The gridlock that prevented the Assembly Majority from accomplishing these goals is a thing of the past. As the 141st District representative, I am eager to accomplish this great work,” said Assemblywoman Peoples.

Some of the reform ideas outlined in Spitzer’s State of the State address are as follows:
  • reforming state government;

  • providing quality education for future generations, adequate funding for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity and a call for public education’s accountability with funding attached to positive outcomes;

  • increasing access to quality, affordable health care;

  • producing meaningful relief for working families and middle class homeowners;

  • stimulating our stagnating upstate economy;

  • preparing the workforce to compete in a global economy;

  • implementing a program called, “innovation economy”, that will provide funding for education based on the proven success of programs, including Pre-K for all children, smaller class sizes and longer school days;

  • enacting a comprehensive strategy to reduce spending throughout the state by reforming business regulations like Worker’s Compensation and WICKS;

  • cutting property taxes by $6 Billion over the next three years;

  • restructuring the current health system to assure that 500,000 uninsured children are insured; and

  • making our neighborhoods safe and strong.

“With special mention of Buffalo twice in the State of the State address, it is apparent that Governor Spitzer stands ready to address the mounting economic development issues that have plagued our great city,” said Assemblywoman Peoples.

Governor Spitzer, the Assembly and the citizens across the state share so many of the same goals. According to Assemblywoman Peoples, “It’s refreshing to finally have the opportunity to partner with our governor to make real progress for One New York.” As Spitzer stated in his State of the State address, “The truth is that we rise and fall together.”

Assemblywoman Peoples concluded, “As we embark upon the new era of One New York, we must remain committed to bringing everyone along: the poor, elderly, minorities, immigrants, seniors, children, mentally ill, physically disabled and working families – everyone who is a part of this great state. Let us work together against all odds to build our One New York.”