Athletics + Academics = Success

Peoples-Stokes host discussion to promote better recruitment of athletic scholars
October 17, 2011
Buffalo – Over $1 Billion in scholarships are awarded every year across the country to high school students. On Wednesday, October 26, 2011, Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes and the District Parent Coordinating Council present a community discussion on “Uniting Athletics & Academics = Success”; how offering our children better opportunities for recruitment is better for both the parent and student. This event will be held at the Gateway-Longview Center located at 347 E. Ferry Street off Jefferson Avenue from 7-9pm. Talented athletes in all shapes and forms, come from every school, every neighborhood, and every district. However, in some school districts our students are often overlooked because of the lack of skilled coaches in some schools. More skilled coaches who are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what recruitment and scholarships entail are needed in the school system.

Little league coaches, parents, high school students, former professional and collegiate athletes are encouraged to attend. Many of our children are extremely talented, but parents need to be informed about how to increase their child’s chances of getting athletic scholarships, without having to move to other school districts for their children to get noticed athletically. The moderator is Brenda McDuffie of the Buffalo Urban League and the panel includes Warde Manuel, UB Athletic Director; Fajri Ansari, Head Basketball Coach, Buffalo State College; Aubrey Lloyd, BPS Athletic Director; Christopher DeMarco, Athletic Director, Sweet Home District; and Jim Rusin, Athletic Director, Williamsville District. Refreshments will be served. For more information, please contact Adia C. Jordan, at 716.897.9714.

This discussion is part of the Assemblywoman’s GradsUP 2020 initiative which aims to achieve a 100% graduation rate among Buffalo high school students by the year 2020, which aligns our students with the UB/SUNY 2020 movement to regenerate the economic future of the Buffalo-Niagara region. By placing a premium on academic and athletic excellence, our children will be equipped with the necessary tools to move forward successfully to the colleges and careers of their choice.