Unveiled: A Plan for Action in Education

Peoples-Stokes unveils GradsUP 2020 initiative in press conference
January 20, 2012
Buffalo – After months of planning, meeting with community leaders, the school district and hearing from parents, Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes (141st District) plans to unveil her GradsUP 2020 initiative that seeks to improve the graduation rates of Buffalo Public School students through a well-coordinated plan. GradsUp 2020 is a multi-faceted initiative that organizes community agencies, teachers, parents and business leaders to assist current fourth graders, and continue to support them until their graduation as the class of 2020.

The press conference to unveil GradsUP 2020, will be held on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at P.S. 37 at Futures Academy, located at 295 Carlton Street at 9 a.m. This program was developed in the wake of the signing of UB2020 legislation into law last fall. Our goal is to have a 100% High School graduation rate in Buffalo Public Schools by this date. Collaterally, President Obama has set the year 2020, as the date for a national goal to become a global leader in post-secondary education. Presently, Buffalo’s High School graduation rate is 47.7%. An “Adopt a Class” initiative, supporting teachers’ educational plans, improving parent engagement to develop relationships with children, and connecting families with needed services are directives in place to contribute to the overall academic improvement and success of our students.

“We must ensure that our children are able to take full advantage of the enhanced educational opportunities, improved healthcare, job growth, and growing Western New York economy that will be created due to the changes that the UB2020 plan will produce. Through an “adopt-a-class” component, community partners will be interacting with the students to assist the teachers in producing an interactive classroom experience that benefits not only their grades but their lives as well,” stated Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes

There will be several opportunities for people in the community to get engaged and assist with this effort. For more information, contact Adia C. Jordan at 716.980.KIDS (5437) or buffalogradsup2020@gmail.com.