Lupardo Releases Results of 2012 Constituent Survey

May 21, 2012

BINGHAMTON, NY – Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell) today released the results of a 2012 Constituent Survey her office conducted over the past several months.

“The survey results affirmed many of my assumptions about constituent opinions. I was, however, a bit surprised by the response to the question regarding hydrofracking,” said Assemblywoman Lupardo.

The (unscientific) survey revealed an overwhelming number of constituents were opposed to horizontal hydrofracking with 36.48 percent supporting a ban on drilling and 20.90 percent supporting continuing a moratorium. Only 28 percent supported horizontal drilling while 13.26 percent were undecided.

“I was surprised at the number who expressed support for an outright ban,” she said. “I think the results reflect the fact that I represent a largely urban district.”

The survey also showed 58.43 percent were in favor of allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana while 19.71 percent were opposed. Lupardo is a sponsor of the legislation that would allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes (A7347). In addition, 59.96 percent were in favor of legalizing casino gambling while 28.27 percent were opposed. Lupardo voted in favor of a bill that begins the process of legalizing casino gambling (A9556).

The survey, sent via email or regular mail, yielded 2,421 responses with 2,278 responses from within the Assemblywoman’s district. The survey results are based only on the responses that came from constituents within her district.

Click the link to see the complete Survey Results.