Ra Meets With Cuomo, Discusses Budget’s Impact On Community

February 8, 2011

Assemblyman Ed Ra (21st Assembly District) met this morning with Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss some of the upcoming budget challenges in light of the economic hardships faced Upstate. Ra and his colleagues were invited to meet with Cuomo in order to express areas of local and state concern. During the meeting, Ra had an opportunity to articulate the real frustrations felt by community residents.

“Governor Cuomo and I are on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done in New York: redesign, recalibrate and reform a broken state government,” said Ra. “New York’s mounting fiscal woes need to subside, and by working with local leaders and community residents, we can begin the rebuilding process. We need to make sure we can lower taxes and create jobs. That’s my top priority right now, and I’m pleased to be working with Governor Cuomo to help rebuild our communities. It’s time New York works toward creating a more efficient government, while making sure we, in Long Island, get our fair share.

“I strongly urged Governor Cuomo to address funding for education in the best way possible. Our schools deserve a fair share of funding, and we will settle for nothing less. I recognize there will be cuts statewide, but I will fight to make sure these cuts do not unfairly target our Long Island schools. I am committed to working with Governor Cuomo to make sure this happens.”

Ra also had the opportunity to discuss small-business reform with Governor Cuomo, and raised concerns that there was not enough included in the Executive Budget that would move New York away from the most unfriendly business climate in the country. Through his regular discussions with small-business owners, Ra expressed firsthand the difficulty and concern these jobs creators face.

“Small businesses are the foundation for strong communities. I pressed Governor Cuomo to reduce payroll taxes and corporate income taxes so that businesses can expand and hire more Long Islanders. Let’s keep our local talent in our communities. Let’s provide incentives and give people in our communities both a reason and opportunity to invest in small businesses. I look forward to working with Governor Cuomo on the initiatives that will make our communities stronger.”