Ra Blasts ‘Anti-Education’ Budget, LI Schools Facing Larger-Than-Average Cuts

March 3, 2011

Assemblyman Ed Ra (21st Assembly District) recently attended an education meeting at the Capitol. As a member of the Education committee, Ra participated in a panel where he pressed lawmakers to treat each school district in a fair and equitable manner. Calling them “anti-education” and unfair to local taxpayers, Ra blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget cuts because they would not be proportional to the traditional regional school-aid funding.

“The governor’s proposed school-aid cuts are unfair, unjust, inequitable, and I will not stand silent while New York City politicians try to take away Long Island’s historical fair share during this difficult economic recovery,” said Ra.

“Long Island traditionally sees a 13 percent share of the state’s total school aid per year. The governor’s proposed budget calls for this share to be cut by at least 15 percent. My message today, and my continued message to Governor Cuomo, has remained the same: Do not unfairly target our schools, families, and communities. We deserve our fair share.

“I will continue to fight for equal funding, equal aid, and equality in education for our community schools. There are a number of programs that are important to the families of our community, and they should not be subjected to unfair cuts. Lawmakers have a responsibility not to put these important services in jeopardy. I urge my colleagues to stand strong with me and fight for Long Island’s fair share of school aid.”