Dinowitz Resolves Emergency at 3901 Independence Ave.

Dinowitz rescues co-op under water
July 8, 2005

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz helped manage an emergency at the Co-Op at 3901 Independence Ave. In response to an urgent letter written by the assemblyman to New York City Department of Environmental Protection, DEP immediately responded by conducting an on-site examination of the building’s sewer system. They were able to locate the blockage and fix it.

Assemblyman Dinowitz asked New York City Department of Environmental Protection to resolve the emergency situation at the Co-Op at 3901 Independence Avenue. In the letter Dinowitz stated, “I am writing to you about a serious problem regarding the Co-op at 3901 Independence Avenue. The Co-op is experiencing severe flooding in the lobby and throughout the first floor. I have visited the property to see the problem for myself. When you walk in the door, there are drains that overflow after only a little bit of rain, as has happened on June 20th, June 29th, and July 5th. In some areas, up to four inches of water has accumulated. I am requesting that you resolve this emergency now. If the problem is not resolved immediately, impending large rainstorms in the next few nights will create an even bigger problem.”

Dinowitz said, “This was an emergency. People were experiencing tremendous loss. Their apartments were being damaged, which was costing residents a lot of money. I am pleased that DEP acted so quickly in response to my request for an extensive examination of the sewer system to determine the problem. Unfortunately many residents have much to replace but at least the problem is fixed.”