Dinowitz Blasts Governorís Decision to Veto

August 1, 2005

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz blasted Governor Patakiís decision to veto make the emergency contraception legislation. Governor Pataki is expected to veto the bill, according to the Governorís staff.

His staff indicated that the Governorís problem with the bill is that it does not restrict minors from having access to the bill. On the substance of the bill, this is a somewhat surprise move by the Governor, since this issue was never raised by the Governor during the billís debate, and moreover, considering Governor Patakiís support of abortion rights. Proponents of the bill are suggesting that this about courting the support for his alleged presidential aspirations.

Reacting to the news Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, ďGovernor Pataki is simply putting his presidential aspirations above good policy. This bill, which provides access to emergency contraception through pharmacists or nurses without a prescription, would prevent upwards of 80,000 abortions in New York each year. I would have hoped that both pro-choice and anti-abortion people could have agreed that preventing 80,000 abortions each year was a worthwhile goal. Itís awful that he is ignoring this fact. Apparently he is allowing the anti-choice fanatics impact his political decisions.Ē