Quality of Life Campaign

Assemblyman Dinowitz tackles numerous quality of life issues in district
September 2, 2005

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz launched another wave of attempts to improve the quality of life in his district. Over the last two months Assemblyman Dinowitz has tackled numerous quality of life issues. The following are a few of those.

Again, Assemblyman Dinowitz is chasing rats in Kingsbridge. Last year the Assemblyman went after a local fast food restaurant’s dirty premises and chased the rats out of the Kingsbridge area between West 231st to West 234th Streets. In response to Dinowitz’ persistence, The Department of Health issued violations to the restaurant and abated the Kingsbridge area for rats. But they’re back; so Assemblyman Dinowitz has requested the Health Department to respond immediately and post pest control’s schedule in the neighborhood.

Also in the Kingsbridge area, Assemblyman Dinowitz has requested that DOT repair the Godwin Terrace Street Step located between 231st Street and Naples Terrace. It is cracked in several places; residents who live in the area have complained that they see rats running in and out the cracks. The steps need an overhaul: they are cracked, dirty, and decrepit. This is particularly problematic because it is in a highly trafficked area. It is next to a bus stop and several stores.

In Woodlawn, many residents are wrongly getting tickets. The Department of Sanitation is issuing tickets for parking near 4259 Katonah Avenue, a legal spot. There is no sign governing that spot, but tickets are being issued anyway because the parking sign “No Standing” was incorrectly installed with arrows in both directions. When the Department of Transportation was notified of this problem, DOT chose to place a piece of tape over the incorrectly placed arrow rather than replace the sign. The result has been a series of tickets by city agencies who believe that the tape has been placed there by a resident rather than the department. Dinowitz has requested that DOT replace the faulty sign with a correct one.

Assemblyman Dinowitz and Council Member Koppell have responded to numerous complaints about Seaman car service. Constituents have complained that many Seaman cars park on West 235th Street west of Independence Avenue and that they sit there with their engines running creating pollution. Some have complained they peel off when leaving to pick up people. Dinowitz and Koppell have requested that Seaman look into this matter and address it, as it has become a serious problem.

Assemblyman Dinowitz asserted, “I have always fought to improve the quality of life in my district. Whether it’s maintaining step streets, combating the plague of rats, correcting wrongly posted parking signs, or addressing idling cabs, I feel that the only way to see any improvement is to respond immediately to my constituents’ complaints and be vigilant in dealing with agencies to resolve these issues. That is the only way things get done and that is what I will continue to do for my constituents.”