Assemblyman Dinowitz Makes Progress with DEP on Environmental Concerns

Repairs Made to Catch-Basin and Fire Hydrant Replaced
March 17, 2006

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz made progress on his request to repair the catch-basin at 2711 Netherland Avenue and to replace a fire-hydrant on West 259th Street near Broadway.

Responding to his request, the Department of Environmental Protection fixed the catch basin by replacing it and installing a new connecting line that runs from the catch-basin located at 2711 Netherland Avenue along Netherland Avenue to West 227th Street. The catch-basin was not working properly. Water was constantly bubbling up and flooding a large area around the catch-basin. During the recent cold weather the water was backing up on the sidewalk, driveway and street and it froze, causing a dangerously slippery area around the catch-basin. Not only could this frozen area cause injuries and traffic accidents but the backed up water created a terrible stench.

DEP also responded to Assemblyman Dinowitz’ request to fix a fire-hydrant located on West 259th Street near Broadway. The fire-hydrant had been knocked over and broken at its base. Presumably a car hit the fire-hydrant and nearby traffic sign. DEP made an inspection and determined that the fire hydrant needed to be replaced. A new fire-hydrant was recently installed. Also, responding to the Assemblyman’s request, the Department of Transportation re-installed the traffic sign, which directs commercial traffic.

Assemblyman Dinowitz said, “The broken catch-basin was a serious problem and it was neglected far too long—people could have slipped or there could have been car accidents. I am relieved that it’s fixed but Netherland Avenue now needs to be repaved where the connecting line was replaced. I am also pleased that DEP replaced the fire-hydrant on West 259th Street. A broken-hydrant opens up the possibility of a disaster if there should be a fire. Working fire-hydrants are vital to our community’s safety. ”