Dinowitz Continues Effort to Address the Blight of Naples Terrace Step Street’s Filth

April 21, 2006

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz announced his continued efforts to address a blight of Kingsbridge. The Naples Terrace step street is again littered with trash, including beer bottles and food.

In a letter to Bronx Borough Department of Sanitation Commissioner Philip Marino, Assemblyman Dinowitz wrote, “The Naples Terrace step street between Broadway and Godwin Terrace has become littered with garbage. This has been a persistent problem – my office frequently receives complaints about the poor condition of this step street.”

Assemblyman Dinowitz continued, “The Naples Terrace step street is an important thoroughfare between Broadway and Godwin Terrace, particularly for children. With spring here and summer approaching, we can expect greater traffic on this street. The presence of garbage is not only unsightly, but can produce health risks. In the past the litter there has attracted rats. It is important that the Department of Sanitation cleans this street immediately, and that the department ensures that the steps remain free of debris in the future.

Dinowitz commented on his efforts by stating, “Kingsbridge is a terrific neighborhood but some areas like the Naples Terrace Step Street are disgracefully dirty. It’s a heavily trafficked area that is used by many kids and poses a safety and heath risk when not maintained.”