Dinowitz Urges MTA to Ratify Contract with TWU

April 21, 2006

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz announced his support for the TWU’s recent ratification of the contract negotiated with the MTA last December. In a letter to MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow, Chairman and MTA Board Members, Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, the working men and women of the Transit Workers Union, Local 100, recently voted overwhelmingly in support of the contract that they had negotiated with the Metropolitan Transit Authority in December of 2005. The vote, announced on Tuesday, April 17th, proves that the responsible parties are willing to work together to effectively end New York’s transit crisis. “

“All that remains is for the MTA board to renew their support for the original contact, as it was envisioned during last year’s grueling bargaining negotiations. The TWU has ratified what the MTA had originally agreed was a fair, reasonable contract. The MTA should now move swiftly and bring the deal to a satisfactory conclusion.

Dinowitz concluded, “Not only will a mutual agreement benefit the constituents of my district—many of whom rely upon the subway and bus systems to get to work, home, and places of recreation—but it will greatly strengthen our city as a whole. I am therefore asking that the MTA ratify this contract at its next board meeting. The people of this city, the riders of the MTA, and the men and women who toil daily in our transit system deserve no less than a fair conclusion to this dispute.”