Assembly Minority To File Suit Against Governor

Lawsuit will be filed tomorrow morning to try to stop Governor Spitzerís plan to give illegal aliens driverís licenses
October 31, 2007

In anticipation of Governor Eliot Spitzer not rescinding his plan to give illegal aliens driverís licenses, Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) today said he has joined members of his Assembly Minority Conference to file a lawsuit to stop the plan from moving forward.

The lawsuit Ė which will be filed in state Supreme Court in Albany County tomorrow morning Ė is being brought on behalf of Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco and members of the Assembly Minority Conference. The suit will list five causes of action.

First, that Governor Spitzerís plan is in violation of Section 502 of the State Vehicle and Traffic Law, which indicates that the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles shall require a Social Security number before issuing a driverís license.

Second, that Governor Spitzerís plan defies the principle of separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches as outlined in Articles I and II of the state Constitution.

Third, that Governor Spitzerís plan does not follow proper administrative procedure in the manner in which it failed to provide New Yorkers with notice and an opportunity to be heard, as required under the state Administrative Procedure Act.

Fourth, that Governor Spitzerís plan impairs the legislative intent behind an amendment to the State Vehicle and Traffic Lawís Section 502, which was to enhance the stateís ability to enforce child support obligations.

Finally, that Governor Spitzerís plan would impair New Yorkís ability to share driver information with other states.

ďIt is unfortunate it had to come to this, but the governor left us with no choice,Ē said Giglio. ďAt this point, there is no legislative remedy for the governorís misguided policy so our only option is to go to court and I guarantee we will use every means at our disposal to try to put a stop to the governorís plan.

ďThis lawsuit is not something I entered into lightly, it was given serious consideration and I am moving forward with this because the governorís policy is unlawful and, if implemented, would make our state and nation less secure,Ē said Giglio.